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Post Title TinyMce and Chrome Extension

Date 2019-02-22

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Todays Updates!


So I changed my named servers on my google domain for and I stopped getting my emails.  I have temporary turned off the domain named servers and am instead forwarding to which is a domain I have on AWS.  I will have to do some additional research on how to make sure I keep getting email but also can do forwarding.


This page really does need some images, still need to look into that!  I have been looking at other blog sites and they use a RSS feed for their blog post but I have a nice blog editor from TinyMCE that i use to write a post from the website.  


Today I have been working on the StPaddys website trying talk to talkspot, the company that host the website to see if we can steal some up their updated templates.  Like a lot of online companies they don't have a great contact me now. It makes me more convinced I should keep working on my own website and deploying that.


I have been also working on my Google Chrome Extension by playing around with PostMan to figure out one of our online stores, poshmark, and how they send and receive data from the web server.  The goal is to have my Extension to manipulate clicks so I can automatically send an offer to likers of people that have liked one of our products.


Have a great day!

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