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Post Title TinyMce and Chrome Extension Date of Post: 2019-02-22

Todays Updates!


So I changed my named servers on my google domain for nstepka.com and I stopped getting my nstepka@nstepka.com emails.  I have temporary turned off the domain named servers and am instead forwarding nstepka.com to nstepka.net which is a domain I have on AWS.  I will have to do some additional research on how to make sure I keep getting email but also can do forwarding.


This page really does need some images, still need to look into that!  I have been looking at other blog sites and they use a RSS feed for their blog post but I have a nice blog editor from TinyMCE that i use to write a post from the website.  


Today I have been working on the StPaddys website trying talk to talkspot, the company that host the website to see if we can steal some up their updated templates.  Like a lot of online companies they don't have a great contact me now. It makes me more convinced I should keep working on my own website and deploying that.


I have been also working on my Google Chrome Extension by playing around with PostMan to figure out one of our online stores, poshmark, and how they send and receive data from the web server.  The goal is to have my Extension to manipulate clicks so I can automatically send an offer to likers of people that have liked one of our products.


Have a great day!




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Post Title About this Project Date of Post: 2019-02-20



I wanted to go in farther to talk more about this project on how I built it using the tools I learned at The Software Guild.



This project was created on a mysql server locally after we spent two weeks at the software guild learning about databases.  It has a one to one and one to many relationship. After graduating from The Software Guild I moved the database to an AWS RDS server and learned a lot about IP rules.

Spring MVC

When I started the project I was not too familiar with what spring mvc was, or relate it to other ways to make a framework.  After this project I learned more about Spring boot and was amazed on how much shorter the development time was. This project is still a spring mvc framework, but I have created a contact application that was spring boot with a database in the background.


Rest Controller

I learned a lot about mapping the project to connect the website to the back and server where it can dynamically update the website.  @RequestMapping is your friend, and make sure you follow name principals across the board. This is something that has caused a lot of time delays because different objects are named differently in different places.



Going farther in to the controllers we used JSP and Servlet language to complete the architecture of the controller.


Spring Persistence

I learned more about wiring with attaching the database to the program, and setting up the beans to make sure the application knows how to talk to the database.



Dependencies!  I still have a lot to learn more about this and frameworks, but what I have learned so far is that you need this code to work for the wiring to work.

Today I decided I needed to create a task lisk of things I need to fix on this website, and things I am thinking I want to implement.


Things to fix:

1. I can't delete a user that has an active post.  To fix this I need to create a jdbc call to get all the post that a user has, and then create another call to delete the bridge of post and tags.  I already have it coded, but it appears to not be working and I am getting a null pointer. I have a get all post with a tag working so I will be cross referencing the code to find out what is going wrong.

2.  The tabs are not laid out in a simple way the administrator functions to allow for fluid clicking.


Things to do:

1. Attach it to a domain name that I own to the aws beanstalk and route53.

2.  Find out the best way to bring images into the database, or decide it is best to references images into the images folder of the war file.

3.  Bring in a more refined bootstrap layout to the page.



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Post Title Luck of the Irish Date of Post: 2019-02-20

Did you know I am a Blarney in the Saint Patricks Association?  The Saint Paul Saint Patrick's Association not only puts on the world's best parade but we also help raise money for local charities.  This is my second year in the organization and I volunteered myself to update the website and make it more mobile friendly. Currently it is hosted on a very simple page layout website, but I plan on moving it to amazon with an s3 account and using route 53 to map it out.

I am going to share a link to my working product of the website.  As soon as I have the website completely done I will move over the domain from the current provider and publish this.





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Post Title First Post! Date of Post: 2019-02-18

Hello World!!!


This is the first post of my online blog as it is on AWS.  It has a Amazon RDS server with a Beanstalk Appache Tomcat Deployment.


More to come!


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